Currently we have obtained a reasonable amount of tools which we have here in Balikpapan for rental purposes. We understand that you cannot always afford that special tool when a breakdown occurs, so we are just a quick phone call away. We are happy to provide onsite training to help you understand how to use these, plus the safety issues which apply to these tools. Please feel free to contact our office on +62 542 7571891 for your free rental brochure and price listing.


  • NSD-4500,1″ Square Drive, Range 355/3,960 Nm
  • NSD-15000,1-1/2″ Square Drive, Range 1,407/14,633 Nm
  • NSD-27000,2-1/2″ Square Drive, range 2,377/24,315 NM

These are supplied with air/hydraulic pump flow rate of 55 @10,000 PSI plus 3 mtr + Lubro Control


  • PTM-72-2000-BStall Bi-Direction,1″ Sq Drive, Range 400/2,000 Nm
  • PT-72-1000 AUT 1″ Sq Drive, Range 488/1,000 Nm
  • PT-72-2000 AUT 1″ Sq Drive, Range 1,000/2,000 Nm

These are supplied with 3 mtr hose + Lubro Control


  • HT4/26 Torque Multiplier, Ratio 26:1, 1/P SQ1/2″ drive, O/P SQ1″ drive range 4500 Nm or 3300 lbf.ft
  • HT72/25 Torque Multiplier, fitted with AWUR Ratio 25:1.I/PSQ 1/2″ drive, O/P SQ1″ drive, range 2000Nm or 1450 lbf.ft
  • HT60/125 Torque Multiplier, fitted with AWUR, Ratio 125:1 I/P SQ1/2″ drive, O/P SQ1-1/2″ drive, range 6000Nm or 4400lbf.ft
  • HT72/25 Torque Multiplier, Ratio 25:1, I/P SQ1/2″ drive, O/P SQ1″ drive, range 2000Nm or 1450 lbf.ft

Torque Wrenches

TruTorque Wrench

  • Model range: 200N.m – 200N.m

Professional Torque Wrench

  • Model range: 8N.m – 400N.m
  • Model range: 110N.m – 1500N.m

Industrial Torque Wrench

  • Model range: 100N.m – 1500N.m


  • Tru Torque Wrenches
  • Slimline Torque Wrenches
  • Industrial Torque Wrenches
  • Proffesional Torque Wrenches